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This Fall is looking FABULOUS!


There are so many new and exciting things happening this month! With the fall time approaching, many people are looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin after the summer months. Nowadays those rejuvenating cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular to millennials, which is AMAZING. The best way to age gracefully is to protect and prevent. This month I’m focusing on procedures available to EVERYONE, including 18 years olds and their mothers.

Being a millennial myself, I am staying on top of the new trends coming into the market. One of the most popular procedures I’ve seen in my age group is fillers, especially lip fillers. Lip fillers are meant to give a nice plump look to the lips, and not look overdone. When done by a licensed physician, the filler will enhance and give overall balance to the shape of your natural lips. Here soon, I am diving into lip filler and will be blogging the whole thing! Stay tuned.

Another huge thing this fall is skincare. SkinMedica just launched a new two-step system to not only repair, but protect the skin as well. The unique thing about this system is it protects against blue light, which is emitted through cell phones, tablets, TVs, and just about every other thing a millennial uses. This product is so game-changing, were even having an event dedicated to it. Come out on October 11th if you’re even the slightest bit interested in hearing more, this product will be worth your while!

Lastly, we’ll be highlighting my significant other’s journey through him getting into skincare. With an Aesthetician girlfriend, its a given that I’d be getting him into a routine. He has started using SkinMedica’s new RegiMEN system. This is a 4 step system that is super easy to use for guys to help protect and repair their skin. Their new product Recalibrate is the highlight of the kit, helping protect against folliculitis and aggravation from shaving. We’re doing a three month test run to get a true testimony from a guy’s perspective!

I’m super excited to share whats up and coming. We’ll be posting fun videos, before and afters, and of course great giveaways! Remember to sign up for the newsletter to be alerted when a new post comes out, and stay tuned for what October holds!


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