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The Perfect Pout Made Possible


When someone thinks lip fillers, overfilled is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Over the years lip fillers have recently become popularized by influensters on social media, promoting a full pout. What people usually don’t know is how natural lip fillers can be. When you visit a licensed and talented provider (such as Dr. Billano) your lips don’t have to look overdone. She walks you through what your goals and expectations are starting off, and creates a customized plan just for you. I recently had my lips done by Dr. Billano and am so excited to share my results, and will walk you through the whole process!

Let me start by saying this: I’m young, but I am in no way a fan of the duck lip. Personally, it is not something that I feel fits with my facial features. I naturally have a very thin upper lip, and a little bit of unevenness in my lips. Here’s a picture to let you see what I’m talking about:


I wanted a natural plump to my lips. Also, I wanted my lips to appear smoother and more even. There are multiple filler types ranging from more smoothing types, up to more plumping types. We opted for one in between, Juvederm Ultra. Juvederm Ultra is a hyaluronic acid based filler that is used to help plump and smooth the lips. Because toleration of injections is different for each individual, we offer a variety of numbing agents to help ease discomfort. I opted to not have any numbing, and even without any assistance from numbing agents the discomfort was very minimal. The process itself took about 25 minutes all together. Dr. Billano took her time injecting, to ensure she was happy with the results. I was given a mirror after a few minutes to be able to give my opinion on what I wanted fuller, or if I wanted an area smoothed out a little more. I felt very comfortable and like I was in trusted hands. 

Afterwards, I went back to my daily routine. Some swelling was expected, but it was not bad. I did bruise slightly, but it was minimal and went away within 48 hours. Nobody noticed it when I had my lipstick on! Here’s what my before and afters were just a week later:

Look! No duck lips! I love how they turned out. My top lip looks fantastic, and she carved out my cupid’s bow just right. Lip filler is something that is very universal, and can be done on just about anyone.

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