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Get Your Skin Glowing!


SkinMedica is one of the top-ranked skincare lines when it comes to medical grade skincare. They back their line with science and only provide the highest quality products. Recently, they have launched a brand new two-step program, Lumivive System, that has been a new favorite our practice! This system comes with a morning serum, and a nighttime serum. Both work in conjunction with each other to protect and recharge the skin.


So what are the key benefits of each? The morning serum, Lumivive Day, is one of the first products to protect the skin against pollution AND blue light from phones, tablets, TVs, and computer screens. Blue light has been recently shown to accelerate aging in the skin, as well as produce dark spots, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Just think, how often during the day are you near a computer screen or checking your phone? Lumivive day fights the impact of blue light and pollution, and also reduces the signs of aging. Without those environmental triggers aggravating your skin, your skin quickly healthy and radiant glow.

The second serum, Lumivive Night, recharges the skin while you sleep. During a sleep cycle, the skin is working to repair and reverse daily skin damage from the day. Outside factors such as age and stress can hinder the skins ability to repair itself. Lumivive night helps to enhance the very important sleep-repair cycle. This also amplifies any products put on in conjunction because they are going into healthy, “well-rested” skin.

Any skin type and age can benefit by using this product. You are able to see the visible results in as little as 14 days! Of course I had to try the product with all of these claims, and I was not disappointed. I did a 14 day side by side comparison, and I can most definitely see a difference in the evenness of my skin tone, and also the improvement of redness overall. Here’s my side-by-side:


And the improvement doesn’t stop after 14 days. After 12 weeks, patients are reporting an improvement in overall radiance, visible redness, and the appearance of skin discoloration! This is a game changer in skincare, and I am so excited to see the progress from it and be able to recommend a product with its ability to patients. I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I have gotten on my skin since I have started using this product. DeAnn, our practice manager, stated that she got her first compliment after just 13 days!

Does this sound interesting to you? Our skincare experts would love to give you the run down on the Lumivive System and answer any questions you might have! Or, visit the link here to purchase online! Also, while supplies last, we are offering a FREE 1oz HA5 when you purchase your Lumivive in office! Your skin will thank you for it.

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