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Shed Those Summer Spots!


With the holiday season rolling around, everybody wants to look their best for holiday parties and family get togethers! And with all of the crazy events going on, who has time for downtime? Recently, Heights Dermatology has introduced a new laser, PicoGenesis, to the practice that eliminates the need for long downtime while still giving amazing results! The PicoGenesis laser is able to target stubborn pigment and rejuvenate the skin, leaving you ready for the New Year in no time.

So what is so great about it? Besides the non-invasive, minimal downtime of the laser, it is also perfect for all skin types. Traditionally, lasers have not been available to darker skin types due to the risk of post-trauma hyperpigmentation. That is because they use intense heat energy to remove pigment from the skin. PicoGenesis uses shorter and faster pulses to break up pigment at the source, and revitalizes the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. For this reason, the PicoGenesis is also great for melasma.

Overall, there is little to no downtime with this procedure. Some patients experience some light swelling and flakiness, which resolves after a few days. It is minimal, so you are able to return to regular activities right after the procedure.

If you have certain darker or well-defined spots, a second setting that is great for all types of stubborn pigmentation no matter what your skin type can be used in addition to the PicoGenesis that can result in those spots turning very dark,  then sloughing off. This can result in some downtime.

This new technology opens up so many doors for patients with darker skin types and pesky pigmentation, with hardly any interference with daily activities. Anyone with a brown spot is a candidate! Does this sound interesting to you? Be sure to check out our Instagram page to learn how you can win your first treatment FREE along with a SkinMedica Lytera!

New Year, New You!

Get Your Skin Glowing!